Saturday, July 09, 2005

Well... I've spent the last few days goofing around on It all started with Paul Phillips' post on the Hellmuthian JOPKE rant. Then, Paul posts a photo of himself wearing a JOPKE hat. Then came Spaceman in the JOPKE hat (photo courtesy of Gracie) at the WPBT event in Vegas.

That's it. I want a JOPKE hat.

To that end, I wasn't able to find one that I liked - or any other poker shirts, for that matter. Some were OK here and there, but there are so many things that crack me up that I wanted on a shirt that I decided to whip out Photoshop and see what I could do. Thus, my cafepress shop was born. Check it out, if you are so inclined.

I know, I know - I could use some artistic vision. But, I'm amusing myself, and if I amuse anybody else in the process, all the better!

I even tried drawing a donkey by hand today (so as to not steal any copyrighted images off the net). It didn't turn out so well.

Yeah, I suck at drawing. But I figured, a stupid looking donkey would be appropriate for a "donkeys always draw" t-shirt, right? I decided to scrap the donkey drawing, but figured I'd post it for your amusement.

That's about it for me poker-wise. I still haven't reloaded anyplace online, though I think I'm going to cave tonight. I'm still waffling between Full Tilt and Party Poker. Full Tilt has a might sweet reload bonus going on - and since Reader Jim was kind enough to sign up under my bonus code, I feel obligated to stay there! I love their software anyway. (Hey Jim - email me your username or post it in the comments so I can find you on FTP!) I just wish and pray and wish and hope and pray that they would implement hand histories. For the love of God!

OK... my dryer is antagonizing me. Time to go fold laundry. I'm sure I'll be back after I give in to the reload voices in my head.

PS. Why doesn't Blogger's spellcheck EVER work?? Half the time I just use an offline program to write my posts, but when I am posting from the site, it sure is damn annoying to not have spellcheck available.


  1. Uwannabet? said...
    but if you put your donkey in a JOPKE hat, that's genius
    Anonymous said...
    My login is:
    on FullTilt.

    By the way, what is "JOPKE"???
    Shelly said...
    Follow the first link in this post - the "Hellmuthian JOPKE rant" - it explains it all :) Or google for JOPKE and pick the links on Paul Phillips' blog :)
    Mr Deas said...
    I think your donkey looks pretty cool. Have you had any success on cafepress? I thought about putting some of my designs there (well some are just words) but there are so many tees, how do the shoppers search through them all. I guess it is worth a shot. Yeah, I'll visit PP's blog because I dont know what JOPKE is either and I've seen it before. See ya :)

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