Sunday, November 20, 2005

Congrats are in order for Factgirl, who this afternoon won Bill Rini's final WPBT shootout satellite tournament on Full Tilt Poker. Kudos also to Gdogg, who won the last seat in the satellite series.

I myself finished 7th. Early on, I won a nice pot with the Hilton Sisters against BG's Big Slick. Soon thereafter, though, I gave a chunk of change to the Poker Geek when I got greedy and chased my nut club flush draw against Geek's all-in and made two pair, KJ.

I made the final table, but my tournament life ended when I pushed with AA versus Easycure's KJ. Easycure caught 4 hearts onboard to take down the hand with a flush.

Flushes were brutal this afternoon, as Gracie went out in a similar manner, holding the best hand when she got her money in the pot versus the eventual victor, Factgirl. Diamonds were a girl's best friend this afternoon, and Factgirl hit her flush and knocked Gracie from the final table.

Congrats to everybody! It was good fun, and makes me that much more anxious to get to Vegas, already!!

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  1. facty said...
    See you in Las Vegas Miss Shelly! Can't wait to meet you!

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