Monday, May 29, 2006


I was in the process of writing a post about how it has been a long 16 days since I last played any form of poker, and how that's the longest I've gone without playing since I started (in fall 2003). I was announcing my excitement over my plans to go grab a bite to eat and head over to Empress to play cards, when all of a sudden my power went out. (Thunderstorm)

Now, I am a prisoner in my own home, as my car is in the garage, and my garage door is powered by that magic juice that I so take for granted - electricity.

Now I'm thumbing away in misery on my Blackberry, after having called the electric company to report the outage. The have no information on restoration at this time.

I know there's some way to disengage the power thingy on the garage door, but I'm not quite sure how to do it, nor am I certain I'd be able to lift the door anyway. My luck, I'd get out only to find that the casino lost power too. (It's 15 minutes away and was likely subject to the same storm that blew through here).

Now I will sit, listening to the warning beep of my computer's uninterruptible power supply and the ticking of the only battery powered timepiece in my house - my Philadelphia Flyers wall clock.

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  1. Jeff said...
    There should be a pull cord/rope type dealie (probably red in color) dangling from the track, probably dangling near the door. Give it a yank and it releases the door from the motor and you can open it by hand. If the door isn't a big heavy wooden (old fashioned door) one, any able bodied adult should be able to open it manually without difficulty.

    BTW - been lurking your blog for months. I'm a poker rookie who may, one of these days, venture into the local card room. For now, it's just the micro limit tables at Poker Stars. Jeff - St.Paul

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