Friday, January 05, 2007

A little birdy told me that poker is likely coming back to Empress Casino Joliet (which is about 10 miles from my house). The rumor was that it was supposed to return after the 1st of the year.

I'm absolutely SILLY-excited to hear this!

As a side note, I realized after consulting Google Maps today that Hollywood Casino (Aurora) is the same distance from me as the Indiana boats, BUT I could get there with zero road construction encounters. (The worst part of driving to the Indiana boats is getting stuck in the construction traffic on I-80 - and I do mean *stuck*). Something to keep in mind... I've never been to Hollywood.

If anyone hears anything about Empress, please let me know!! :) Thanks!


  1. Anonymous said...
    I've played at Hollywood many times. They are running 5/10 and 10/20 limit games. They will throw in a 20/40 if enough players want to do it. They also have a Wednesday tourney for $165 with an 80 player limit. It it done by lottery so getting there early doen't help. Additionally, they have a Sunday tourney ($?) as well as running SNGs for $90. There are some good players but you will see the typical rocks and LAGs. Grandma likes to play for her dog food money.

    Let meknow if your going and I'll try to hook up with you.
    Ed said...
    Hey Shelly -

    Just went to resorts to play craps with a friend ( yay..i finally learned) But there is 0 construction on 80-94 and made it from resorts to orland park in 23 4 pm....on a friday! So it looks good with whatever you choose!
    Shelly said...
    pe- i'll keep ya posted! ed - no kidding? that is good news! i've got to get an ipass... hehe
    Bazkar said...
    Shelly - I'll second Ed's comment on the construction between here and Indiana...hasn't been bad at all. I'm curious how good your Empress source is because I play a home game with a couple dealers from there and they haven't mentioned it....let me know if you hear anything and I'll ask them this Saturday at the tourney.

    Speaking of the tourney...let me know if your interested ever in the tourney I go to every other Saturday (they also run one on alternating Fridays opposite of the Saturday one) E-mail me if you want details.


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