Thursday, May 10, 2007

I made it out to my friends' annual charity NLHE re-buy tourney to benefit the American Cancer Society last weekend. We raised $285 for the ACS - $50 more than last year. Thanks to Scott of the Diamond Games for hosting this year's event. It's a cause that's dear to my heart, as I lost my dad to cancer 7 years ago, amongst far too many other friends and relatives.

The game didn't start out too well. It was a $20 rebuy for the first hour of the event, and let's just say it cost me several rebuys to survive that hour. I must have been feeling *really* generous. Because the game went downhill so quickly for me, my notes got very sketchy (as I got too cranky to bother taking notes anymore). Actually, I did take some notes, but I can't find my notebook. :-/

Despite some nasty cards early on, I did make the final table, and right around that time, my hands turned good enough for me to get up to around 18BB. People started busting out, and I did some damage to Ed when my JJ held up against his pair (99 was it?) I took a few rounds of blinds raising with Ax, and the next thing you know, I'm heads up against Jim. He had me significantly outchipped, but I was happy to reach 2nd place, as I was (finally) in a position where I'd walk with a profit.

I went out with A8 vs Jim's A9, and that was all she wrote.

I am glad I managed to shove Shellmuth back in my pocket and get back to my game. My turn-around is proof that 1) my attitude can definitely derail my play, and 2) staying focused can absolutely turn things around.

I need to host a game soon. I've lived in the new house almost 9 months now and still haven't had a poker game. This summer, guys. I promise. How about a BBQ/poker game? We can call it, Carnivores' Delight!


  1. **JZ** said...
    Hey Shelly,

    Thanks again for coming out! I'm really glad that you could make it (and that the night eventually turned profitable for you). It was a really good night...2 more participants and (as you mentioned) $50 more for the ACS for Kim and I to turn in when we ride in this year's Walk and Roll.

    Just a quick heads up (bad poker apologies)...

    Kim has been wanting to get more involved in helping the animal shelter that we adopted Fred (the famous Poker dog) from. We are tossing around the idea of hosting another tourney very similar to the one we had for ACS or possibly running a cash game and installing a minimal rake to make the donation. Kim wants to call it "Poker Night for Puppies".

    I'll pass along more info and (as always) any of your local readers are more than welcome to attend.


    **JZ** said...

    I'm looking for players for semi-regular charity games. I've revisited my blog (which went way too long without new posts...sorry bout dat). E-mail me or post on my blog your info and any charities that are near and dear to your heart. We'll check into things and try to get games up and running. Looking for 4-5 per year!

    --Jim (again)

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