Saturday, September 08, 2007

First off, thanks to everyone who has posted or messaged me with prayers and positive thoughts for my friend Becky. She's still in critical condition, but she's a fighter and she has a lot of people who love her that are praying and pulling for her (and a lot of people who love the people who love her that are also praying). I appreciate you all beyond words.

On to some poker...

I should be out at a live game right now, but I got home from dinner later than I expected (though that was a pleasant surprise), and I think I'm probably a little too distracted or mentally exhausted this week to play for any real money. So I didn't head out to Andrew's game (a regular at the Diamond games).

Instead, I'm waiting for a 180-player MTT sit n' donk to start up on Full Tilt (of the $8 variety). Hmm. Only 20 people signed up so far. I guess I've got some time to kill.

Da Bears season opener is tomorrow. I'm definitely looking forward to football, which is weird since I'm not usually a big fan of football. Ever since I got the HDTV last year, though, I find myself eager to watch almost ANY sport. Don't get me wrong - I've always liked sports, but I've pretty much been primarily a hockey fan, and then a baseball fan, and that's about it. I mean, c'mon - today, I watched GOLF. On TV. Golf. It's amazing how less boring things are when they're in high def. Or maybe I was interested because Cog Hill is practically in my back yard. Who knows. But golf has always been a guaranteed channel flip in my house, yet today I found myself actively watching it.

Also, FYI I've got a free fantasy hockey league going this year, if anybody wants in. Side bets encouraged.

Oooh 21 people are signed up for the MTT. Rock on!


  1. Unknown said...
    I'm Allan by the way. Stumbled across your blog while googling "Chicago Poker."

    I'll keep an eye out at the Majestic for a woman with a penguin protector. I live downtown Chicago by the way - are you part of any free poker bar leagues?
    Shelly said...
    Nice to "meet" you, Allan!

    I haven't played in any free bar leagues, but I'm out in the 'burbs so there's not much of that going on around here (that I know of)!
    AllanDuke said...
    By the way, I sent a message a couple weeks ago to a gmail account that I think might be yours. Wondering if you (and friends) might be interested in some home games that I host.
    AllanDuke said...
    Oh. AllanDuke and Sloth are both me. The Sloth username is what I am logged in as on my home comp. :o)

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