Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm sitting in LAX waiting for my connecting flight to Seattle to embark upon the second leg of this week+ long trip - the business leg. I flew into here from Las Vegas after completing the pleasure leg of the trip. There will be a little bit of pleasure in Seattle; I plan to visit Viretta Park, next to the house where Kurt Cobain once lived, amongst other tourist-y things. Mostly, though, I'll be attending a conference on technology in higher education.

Vegas was fun. I was not with "poker company," so the focus of the trip was different than most, but it was still enjoyable. The girls I went with were primarily into clubbing and staying out all night. Of our 4 nights, I went clubbing 2 nights and remained sober the other two (recovery phases in between all of the clubbing). We did a VIP thing at the Palms and went to Ghost Bar, the Playboy club, and Rain. I really like the Palms. Night 2, the girls went to Pure and I spent the evening no further than 50 feet from the toilet. Night 3 was my birthday, and we went to see the Chippendales show (delicious red mohawk acrobat man), and then to Body English at Hard Rock. Last night, I have no idea where the girls went, but I took a walk down the Strip to Bellagio with my camera and got some night shots. (We stayed at Excalibur).

There was a little bit of time for poker (on the 2 days that I avoided partying to dry out my liver a bit). I got about 3 hours in at Excalibur and 3 at MGM. I didn't see the dealer-love-of-my-life at MGM, unfortunately (the rrrrrrrrrrraise guy that calls chips "bones"). I also didn't win anything. I was -$20 net for the trip, winning $30 at Excalibur and losing -$50 at MGM. I was playing 2/4 limit due to an extremely tight budget for this trip.

No poker birthday love for me.

My new Sprint Mobile Broadband thing has been quite useful on this trip. It worked in Vegas, though my connection was a bit slow, and it is working full speed here at LAX (saving me from having to pay to use the t-mobile hot spot here). I'm definitely impressed with this service so far.

That's about all my news. I'm looking forward to a full night of sleep, uninterrupted by drunken girls stumbling in at sunrise.


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