Monday, June 02, 2008


Donking around at .05/.10 NLHE with the 5 bucks I had in my FTP account (post-withdrawl, which took over a friggin MONTH, tyvm)... doubled my money! Double-rooni! w00t!

Catching up on the last series of Poker After Dark on my DVR. DirecTV is coming by Wednesday to hopefully fix my HD channels. They stopped working last week. The rep said my DVR/tuner might be bad, so I'm trying to watch everything I have saved in case they take it.

I've got to run to the post office to drop off an ebay shipment. Other than that, it's been a lazy day... ahhh, summer! I'm SO glad it's here - meteorological summer, anyway.

This Friday kicks off summer officially in my world - Dave Matthews Band at Toyota Park in Bridgeview. We've got some serious tail-gating plans. Can't wait!!

Alrighty, last round.

Nothing exciting. Off to the post office!     

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  1. Kyle said...
    Can't complain about a double up ;)
    Kyle said...
    Hey, actually can you e-mail me about your blog ;)


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