Saturday, August 15, 2009

I've been enjoying this last week off of work with a little bit of poker, and Full Tilt has been decently kind to me of late. I just sat in a little turbo SnG while killing time before I have to go get ready to head to a home game. Took 2nd (and got the honor of knocking out the aggro-donk of the table). That felt good :)

I'm not entirely sure what tonight will entail. A friend of my mother's is throwing a birthday party for her adult son, and there is a poker game in the evening. Her son usually runs their home game, so it sounds like I've been enlisted to play so that I can help people with the rules and whatnot (so that her son can relax and enjoy himself). I guess I'll find out soon enough!

I was chatting with my friend Patrick the other day and we were lamenting the loss of the random home games that used to pop up amongst our group of friends. I miss them too. Everybody's so busy with... life, myself included.

But, I finally painted my loft (aka the upstairs living room) so that the walls no longer resemble the colors of human excrement (what were the previous owners thinking? I have no idea, but ewww), so now I can type to you surrounded by a tranquil and relaxing shade of gray. :)

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