Monday, January 11, 2010

Is it just me, or is Full Tilt disconnecting a lot lately?

Playing in an online league game at the moment. Feeling a bit more aggressive than usual, kind of like I want to tear a few peoples' heads off. Hmm. Not sure if this is good or bad for my game.

A couple of us 'round here are trying to get a little midweek home game going. Nothing crazy - just a casual game to scratch the itch, so to speak. I'm hoping that'll work out. I miss live cards.

In other news, since going organic, I've started attempting to cook... and with that, I've added another food blog to the universe (as if we needed more of those). You should check it out, because as I add recipes and tales of my adventures, there will most definitely be something there you can make fun of me over. I promise.

Epic Organic -

I've had pocket 8's three times tonight. There's so much snow on the ground outside that I have no desire to deal with snowmen indoors.

Break time! We're playing shorthanded so not much time to type. Wish me luck :) Laters!


  1. Optimus Prime said...
    Yes FT has been disconnecting quite a lot recently. In one specific case costly to me.

    I am in the Chicago burbs, and I think you are in Chicago, I wonder if we have same crappy internet service?

    Shelly said...
    I'm on Comcast... but what's weird is every time Full Tilt goes down, the rest of my internet connection is fine - I can still surf the web, even though I can't connect to FTP. Makes me think it's a problem on their end. :-/
    Optimus Prime said...
    Thats exactly what happens to me as well....very annoying

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