Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Big Game

I'm checking out the show, The Big Game, on TV while waiting for a SnG to fire up on Full Tilt. I'm actually watching it pre-recorded on my media PC - what the heck do I say now that I can't say I TiVo'd it? (I ditched my satellite bill in favor of Boxee and internet TV and the locals-only service from my cable company).

What's the deal with these "true poker player" badges on almost everybody's avatars on Full Tilt? They don't appear to mean anything.

I love Negreanu. I wish his mom could make me vegan food. That is all.

I also love Phil Laak (and Jennifer Tilly). They amuse me to no end.

What I don't love is this donk that insists on raising stupid amounts like 132. It bugs me the same way Walmart prices bug me. I'll pay the damn extra 6 cents. Just make the price $4.99 instead of $4.93!

I should probably have gone to the gym to run a couple miles instead of playing poker tonight, but I decided that a rest day day was in order. Really, I've just been too busy today, and now I'm too tired. Geekin' out on some poker instead.

I would love to get some local live poker in before Vegas (because Vegas isn't till December!)

Hellmuth looks like a freak kneeling on his chair.

Really I'm playing cards right now to occupy my mind. I've been in a really foul mood on and off today, as I keep getting bombarded with things to remind me of the apparent extinction of compassion in people. Poker engages the non-emotional side of my brain. I <3 logic.

Does anybody know where I can find hoodies that have the built-in thumb-holes in the sleeves? Thanks.

Made it to the first break in this 90 player KO SnG. Above average stack. Almost wrote "snack" just now. Heh.

An above average snack would be Trader Joe's roasted garlic hummus with warm pita bread. Or strawberries with chocolate. Grilled pineapple. nom nom nom

So I'm 2 episodes into The Big Game, and while I will continue recording and watching it, I think I still like High Stakes Poker better. I do like the extra statistics they give on this show, but I like Gabe Caplan's commentary better (though I do miss that AJ guy as his sidekick). Unfortunately for me, High Stakes Poker isn't yet available through Boxee, so my only option is to watch it on the computer. Meh.

What ever happened to Phil Gordon? Haven't heard anything about him recently.

I bet Phil Laak plays a mean duck-duck-goose.

And with that, I'm back to the game.


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