Thursday, December 08, 2005

Well, kids - it appears that a plane has skid off the runway at Midway Airport in Chicago tonight, crashing through the wall and out into the street - a Southwest Airlines plane, no less.

I'm scheduled to fly out of Midway on a Southwest Airlines plane in about 10 hours (for the WPBT Vegas trip, of course).

From all I can find online, the airport is closed until further notice. One news site is reporting that it will re-open at 6am Friday. (My flight is at 9am Friday).

To make matters worse, we got a good 9 inches of snow this afternoon (it's still snowing), and the roads are complete crap.

This really sucks.

If anyone in the Chicago area has any info, drop me an email - phlyersphan [at] gmail dot com or buzz my cell phone (it's on the WPBT contact list).

Thanks :(

/update: Southwest has moved me to an 11am flight, but they expect that no flights will be allowed to leave until after 12pm. The Federal Aviation Administration still has Midway Airport listed as "closed until further notice." The Southwest rep advised me to go to the airport as if the flight would leave at 11am, and expect that it will be delayed until sometime after noon. If this 11am flight gets canceled, they cannot fly me out until Saturday - meaning, I won't fly out at all, if I can't make the WPBT tournament. :( I can't even begin to express how completely bummed I am right now. And - if this 11am flight gets canceled - I'll be stuck at the airport with no way to get home, because Randy is dropping me off at 9am and leaving. (He has to go to work).

All I can do now is hope and pray that I make it to Vegas... sometime...


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  1. Mr Carson said...
    Fingers are crossed for ya.

    Nothing worse than sitting around waiting at an airport by yourself. I had to do it once for 10 hours. No laptop, no blackberry, no book, no nothing. I ended up buying a puzzle book for about 10 hundred million dollars (that's what it said on the price tag).

    The world is full of balance, so bad luck at the airport = good luck at the tables.... ya never know, I could be right.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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