Monday, February 27, 2006

Fresh Linkage

I've linked up to a few people this week. Feel the love:

Play Poker Like Hartflush: I ran into Hartflush the other day on Full Tilt Poker, when he outed me as a poker blogger and gave me some props. So, I gave him a link! The girl in his Blogger profile photo looks so familiar to me that it's scary. He ran a poll the other day on whether it's easier to win money live or online playing poker, and I'm interested to see his interpretation of the results (as they're about split right now). For the record, my vote was for Live.

Poker Road Warrior: Next up is Shark, the poker road warrior. I must apologize to Shark, as it took me nearly a month to get around to replying to his email. I just added him to my Bloglines today, but look forward to a good read. :)

Quest of a Closet Poker Player: Last but not least... in my Bloglines, I have a subscription to the Google feed of links to my blog, so I can see when people link to me. Today, I got a link from someone who made a blog posted titled "Sex with Melissa Gilbert" (the obvious ploy to get some search engine traffic - which I have brilliantly repeated here!) I was curious, to say the least, so I checked out the site to see why on earth my poker blog would be listed on a site about having sex with Melissa Gilbert. (LOL I'm cracking myself up over here!) Anyway... turns out, it's a poker blog, and CC (the author) had some nice things to say about Hella Hold'em (and a few other bloggers - go see if you're one of them!)

In other news.... I'm almost ready to compose the post about My Poker Future, including the much anticipated food for thought that our dearest Princess bestowed upon me. I've been chewing on her words for some time now, and have come to terms with my decisions. I will grant you access to my mind soon, my faithful readers. But now, I must go eat a chicken club sandwich with no tomato.

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  1. CC said...
    Thanks for the love---I'm in the ATL, although my brother is poverty stricken getting his Ph.D. in Econ in Athens while starving his wife and two little children. Me--just a 41 yr old dad of three boys who sneaks poker in while my wife frowns most of the time...

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