Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mr. Subliminal has posted his own version of the KK Quandary. (Remember mine?)

Here's how I responded to his post:

I'm assuming that you limp from early position knowing there would be a raise behind you due to the high level of aggression at the table. Personally I'm severely opposed to limping with top-5 hands unless I'm on the button and it has folded around to me (ie. only 2 possible opponents who likely have junk, and I want to get SOME money out of them at the risk of letting them in cheap). With my assumption, your plan was obviously to get all in preflop, and no matter WHAT you did (raised preflop, limped, pushed), you were still gonna run into those Aces, and those Aces weren't folding no matter what you did. So... it's kind of a moot point how you started the hand out. If your goal was to get all in preflop, you did. You just happened to run into AA. The last episode of High Stakes Poker had a final hand between Greenstein and Farha. Greenstein had AA and pushed Farha all in with KK. Farha went into the tank, and I said to my boyfriend, "If he lays this down, I'll know for sure that I'm a donkey," (from my own KK vs AA hand where I called all in with my KK). After a long think, Farha called it. Of course, he outdrew Greenstein and hit a K for a set, but still. Even the pro's will risk their entire stack with KK. I know a lot of people think they're "good enough" to lay down KK preflop, but I don't think it's a matter of being good or not. KK vs AA is more a matter of circumstance and luck. And I don't care what people say - most of those who think they would lay it down preflop WOULDN'T, if put in that situation. It's easy to say, "Oh sure I would have done this..." but most people are going broke with that hand.
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  1. Mr Subliminal said...
    I agree with your analysis. The flop was all rags, so the BB was going to get the rest of my chips even if I had not pushed pre-flop.

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