Saturday, April 08, 2006

Besides the fact that I love their software, Full Tilt Poker is one of the funnest places to play poker online - or just watch. This afternoon, I watched John Juanda play against a guy with a donkey avatar head-up at a $25/50 blinds NL cash table. No pot went limped. If John was first to act, he'd raise to $150. If his opponent simply completed the small blind, he'd pop back up to $150. No pot went unraised. I didn't see John check a single time in the 15 or so minutes I watched, nor did I see him call a bet. He always bet or raised.

It was quite a display. Sometimes, of course, John's opponent would wake up with a hand and raise back. Sometimes, John would fold. Other times, he would re-raise. All I know is - I would NOT want to be John Juanda's opponent due to the simple fact that you are ALWAYS under fire. He forces his opponent to constantly make decisions about their hands - on EVERY street.

On one hand, JJ raised to $150, as per usual, and his opponent called. The flop came Jack high, uncoordinated. JJ's opponent checked, and Juanda bet the pot, $300. His opponent quickly called. The turn came a 10, and the guy checked. Juanda popped it to $650. The guy thought a while, then smooth called. The river came a blank, and the donkey guy fired out a minimum bet of $50. Juanda pushed all in. His opponent tanked, and finally folded. Juanda showed K4 offsuit. (No pair - king high).

Yowzers! I can't imagine sitting down on a Saturday afternoon and throwing five grand around on a king high bluff. Then again, everything is relative. It sure was amusing to watch - if not a bit frightening!

Good stuff.


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