Thursday, September 14, 2006

I hopped over to Poker Stars today for a little lunchtime change of pace (since my regular poker site is Full Tilt). Man... FTP has really spoiled me. It seems I am actively irritated by any software other than FTP. Full Tilt is smooth and slick... convenient and efficient... and the audio effects don't mimick nails down a chalkboard.

What can I say? I'm a Full Tilt Poker kinda girl.

Another poker nuisance this week... and all weeks really... I can never play in the WWdN tourneys, because I work on Tues and Thurs nights. Waaa. You peeps should make more Mon/Wed tourneys! Yeah! And how about on Full Tilt? LOL

OK I'm done amusing myself. It's time to go to work. Tomorrow, I'll be attending my 20th Dave Matthews Band show. I expect some insane inebriation. Until next time....

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  1. DuggleBogey said...
    The mookie is on Wednesdays and has been moved to Full Tilt from PokerStars. Mondays at the Hoy (MaTH) is at PokerStars.

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