Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wow... I say all sorts of nice things about Full Tilt, and all I get in return is....

69 hands, -$169 at 3/6 LHE

I should have walked away after my very first hand. As a bit of history, I specifically chose a table where a known donkey-clown psychopathic maniac was seated, as he's always good for dropping a few hundo. I won't disclose his name here, though WillWonka mozied on over to my table and spent some time with my favorite FTP maniac as well.

My first hand: I raised preflop from late-middle position with 99 after it had been folded to me. Nutcase re-raised me, and I capped (hey, may as well get the money in in case I get lucky against this bozo). I flopped 2nd set on a board of 9-Q-2 rainbow. He bet. I raised. He 3-bet and I called. The turn came a 4, still rainbow. He checked, I bet, he raised, I called. Does this whackjob seriously have pocket Queens? The river came a ten. He bet. I saw the writing on the wall. The jackass was pushing his weight around all that time with a gutshot draw. Bastard's got KJ. I call. He sure did have KJ.

I reloaded and buckled in on my quest to get my money back from the joker, but alas, he hit and run, hanging around for a few more hands before blowing that pop stand. I watched my player list for a few minutes, hoping he'd sit down elsewhere so I could change tables, but no luck.

I didn't last long before my state of mind was so battered that I deemed it necessary to log off before I flushed my bankroll down the drain.

Oh well. Tomorrow, they say, is another day.


  1. WillWonka said...
    That dude was a maniac, wasn't he. There is nothing worse that when someone rivers a gutshot.

    OH wait, you didn't mention folded the hammer (nerf)... don't worry, I won't tell anybody... ;-)
    TripJax said...
    Damn the man!

    You'll get it back in the long run against that joker...
    Unknown said...
    Calling me a "donkey-clown psychopathic maniac" will not make you friends! I kid.

    I sympathize with you on the beat. FT doesn't seem to like me much despite my kind words for them.

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