Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bawk Bawk!

Because I am such a huge chicken shit law abiding citizen of the United States of America, I've removed all of my poker affiliate links from this blog. While I was at it, I went through every single post I've ever made and removed all hyperlinks to online gaming sites. (Scurvy scared me!) It took a few hours. To me, it was better to preserve my tales of what once was than to lose all of that.

Sigh. This sucks.

Last night, I played poker online for the last time. I got killed in the Mookie game, losing most of my stack with QQ vs. KK. I made it to the top 16 or so, but that was it for me. I played in the second chance game and went out on the final table bubble. I was profitable on my cash table, though, so I was able to cash out for more than what I started with. I actually played a little NL at the cash tables, for once.

Upon completing my poker for the evening, I sent a withdrawal request to FTP. Upon waking this morning, my funds had been transferred and should be in my bank account shortly.

I spent the few FPP's I had on PokerStars this morning to get a knit beanie hat. It gets cold here in the winter, and I'll need a hat for my long treks over the border to the Indiana casinos.

I'm all cashed out. No more online poker for me - at least not until we see what happens when this bill is signed into law. I'm lucky to have poker rooms within an hour's drive from my home. I wish Empress hadn't closed their room. A 15 minute drive is so much nicer than an hour. But, that's beyond my control, as is the whole online gaming ban.

It's funny, since playing poker online is illegal in my state anyway. Why abide by the law now? I'm not quite so afraid that playing online poker will be what gets any of us in trouble, since that's not the focus of the gaming ban. It's the banner ad revenue and affiliate links that make some of us criminals now for aiding these online poker sites. That's what makes me nervous.

Oh well. Such is life. Reading through all of my old posts, I saw that I really did spend a lot of time at the casinos - and that was back before Empress had a room. I drove out to Indiana 2 or 3 times a week, for months. I'll just have to go back to doing that. And host more home games :)


  1. Jim said...
    You know, as crappy as a drive it is to Indiana for me, too, I think I like driving out there once a week and playing a larger chunk of poker than playing for an hour each night online. It's more gratifying and makes the rest of my life easier.

    Not that it doesn't suck that our right to play online has been taken away.
    Shelly said...
    I absolutely prefer playing live anyway... it's just so easy to be lazy with online poker :)

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