Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bobby Bracelet has done amazing work once again in the final round of auctions for Peyton!

The best item up for auction of all times: (sorry, had to bust the nut right away. This one is too good!)

A genuine Genesis model poker table from Lucky Leahy's, signed by over 30 professional poker players! Not only is it an awesome table - it's been touched the the hands of gods.

Also up for your bidding pleasure:

A package of items from WSOP Champion Greg "The Fossilman" Raymer, including an autographed fossil and t-shirt, and a PokerStars tote bag.

An autographed basketball jersey (size XL) from Mike "The Mouth" Matusow.

Another HUGE Package from Donkey Puncher and Bobby Bracelet - this time including the abominable AlCantHang himself!

Last but not least... a while back, Paul Hannum, WPT camera man and director of the movie "The Real Old Testament," donated a DVD of the movie to our Peyton auctions. Before we could list the DVD for sale, however, Paul Hannum passed away, leaving behind his fiancee and a child on the way. Proceeds from the auction of "The Real Old Testament" DVD will be donated to Hannum's family via



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