Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I've got a crazy trip coming up... you see, I was scheduled to attend a conference for work in October in Seattle, Washington. I'm totally stoked about that, because I've always wanted to see Seattle.

Then, my cousin asked if I'd like to go to Vegas for my birthday, which is the weekend before my Seattle trip. I am SO overdue for a trip to Vegas, it's not even funny, right? So I said yes.

Now, I'm flying from Chicago to Vegas on Friday, Oct 19th, and then from Vegas to Seattle on Tues, Oct 23rd, then from Seattle back to Chicago on Friday, Oct 26th.

That's a whole lotta flying going on!

And awww hell yeah, Vegas baby!

If anyone plans to be in Vegas that weekend, give me a holler!

I am still planning to desperately try to get out there in December. Honestly, I can't afford this trip, but I decided, screw it, and charged it. I need a vacation!

And a birthday party in Vegas - who can pass that up?


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