Friday, February 08, 2008


I had quads 3 times in the last SnG I played a few minutes ago on Full Tilt Poker, and still managed to bubble.

Ran my AQ into AK. (AK limped in, we both flopped our Ace, and I played the aggressor thinking AQ was good). Don't you hate it when it actually crosses your mind that a certain situation might be happening, and you dismiss it only to find out that your gut was right?

I had no reason to think this guy would slow play. He hadn't at any other point in the tourney.

Oh well. I'm in another SnG right now - probably my last for the night. Took 2nd in one earlier today.

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  1. TexasHoldemTips said...
    Tough luck on that one. One of the most sophisticated strategies that can be employed in texas holdem is to change tactics when you have shown your style. You said that you had no reason to think he would slow play. If he was a great player, perhaps he changed tactics knowing that observant players (like you)had not seen him do that and would not suspect him to do so. Or maybe he just did it for no reason at all . . .

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