Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I finally finished watching Heckler's Week on Poker After Dark. (Yeah, I'm a bit behind on the TiVo. Haven't been watching much TV, since nothing has been on due to the writer's strike). I've been meaning to ask - what happened to Shana Hiatt? Well, I googled it, so I don't need the answer anymore. Wikipedia says Shana left Poker After Dark because she's pregnant. You go, girl!

Is it just me, or was Gavin Smith the most reasonable and intelligent sounding player at the table that week? Color me impressed. I've always liked him, particularly for his support of the charity auctions For Peyton, but watching how he conducted himself at the table really impressed me in that game. I guess I'm just used to seeing snippets of him on poker shows with less "verbal" formats.

And, what makes Shawn Sheikhan a good poker player? I see no redeeming value in the guy, from my perspective as a consumer of poker entertainment. When Hellmuth told him that the "push or fold" strategy is appropriate for less skilled players who feel they're weaker than their opponents, but that no great players employ that strategy, I think that was a very strong point.

I just won me a SnG on Full Tilt Poker. Sweet.


  1. AllanDuke said...
    I am the father of Shana Hiatt's baby by the way.

    I hate Sheikhan as much as I hate Phil Laak. Close behind are Helmuth, The Mouth, and Esfandiari. Their voices and actions are like firecrackers in my brain.
    Eric Rhodes said...
    I guess I like the "bad boys" of poker, because you listed all of the guys I enjoy watching. Probably because of their antics. Hemberto is the one that I would have to donkey punch if I played at a table with him. that and that Kahn guy that was getting alot of face time on the WSOP main event.

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