Monday, May 26, 2008

My most uber geek crush is on Kevin Rose of former Tech TV Screen Savers fame and current Digg/Pownce fame. I've just fired up a sit n go on FTP with Diggnation in HD on the big screen. It's 80 degrees at 8pm. Life is good.

I love that Kevin Rose has a favorite vodka (Belvedere). Vodka = my favorite!

Tomorrow, my next photography class starts. I'm taking 2 classes - Digital Darkroom, and Lighting. I'm way looking forward to them.

I'm catching some crazy cards. Flopped 3 straights and a flush so far. Not getting much action, but I'm feelin' lucky, punk.

LMAO "mount it and ride it around like a cobra-cat"

So, I've switched to the Firefox-based web browser, Flock. I had tried it years ago, probably in like alpha phase - way early - and I loved the idea of it, but it was buggy as hell. Now, it's fantastic, and I'm in love. If you've never heard of Flock, it's got a lot of the nice Web 2.0-ish sites kind of built in. There's a sidebar that loads your Flickr friends' media streams, your Twitter friends, Facebook friends, etc. It has a built in blog editor, which makes it INCREDIBLY easy to write to multiple blogs without having to deal with logging in to each one. It has a built in photo uploader that works with Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, and others. In a nutshell, it pulls together all of my favorite web services and makes it super easy to manage and share my stuff and keep up with what everybody's up to. Check it out -

Duuuuude, Diggnation in New York. Oh how I wish...

6 players left... everyone's around 10BB. Yawn.

Alright, I'm not going to post the name I just spoke out loud vs the "person" that knocked me out.

New game. One more episode of Diggnation to watch, so it works out.

ROFLMAO I keep missing my turn cuz I'm laughing hysterically at Diggnation. Srsly. It's just friggin funny.

Nice, AK. Damn, no flop.

Alex and Kevin make me want an iPhone. I heart my Blackberry, though. Until the iPhone integrates turn by turn GPS navigation, I can't even consider it. I wonder if there are any Digg themes for the Blackberry. (They just showed one for the iPhone and it's pretty slick).

I think I've overloaded my Blackberry trying to email the photos I took this afternoon of giant thunderheads. Wicked storm clouds. I tried to send 'em all to myself at the same time. Whoops.

Alrighty, in the money! Barely :)

And.... out! Just in time for the end of Diggnation. Nice.

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  1. John G. Hartness said...
    now converting to Flock - sick, sick stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!
    Lisa said...
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    Feel free to email me at with any questions.

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