Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy Summer!

Happy summer, everybody!

This is the time of year when I exhale and relax, enjoying a little respite from work while making all kinds of plans for what I'll do over the next 3 months... half of which I never get around to. One of those things is to play some poker! I've had a few opportunities lately - there's a home game around, and there's a poker room about an hour and a half north of me - but neither is as convenient as things were back in Chicago. So I was glad when the old online league I played in came back to life. (It had gone under when Full Tilt tanked). We're not playing for league points yet (as far as I'm aware) - just random tourneys - but I'm glad it's back.

One challenge I'm finding, though, is that I don't seem to have the attention span for online games that I used to.  During last night's game, I went against my better judgement and called all in on a double gutshot straight flush draw with 1 card to come. Hey, my mac n cheese was almost ready, and the game was getting in the way of the Runner's World article I was trying to finish! Luckily for my distractions, I busted out.

I'm hoping to at least get up to Hollywood for some table time a couple times this summer. I'd love to make it up to Atlantic City, but I'm about to take trip #2 of 3 (which means, leaving the cats alone and paying a cat sitter). This generally results in some form of destruction of my house, as the cats get pretty mad when I leave them for so long. So I don't think a fourth trip is in the cards this summer (because I would want to spend at least 4 days in AC). I haven't ruled it out, though. The magic 8 ball just says, doubtful.

I will officially kick off my version of summer this weekend seeing Dave Matthews Band at SPAC! There will be camping and good times involved. And when I get back... maybe some poker. :)


  1. OhCaptain said...
    I think I need to do some catching up and find these games. I miss them terribly.

    Glad to see you still know the finer points of getting it all with slim pickin's :)

    I hope all is well!
    lightning36 said...
    I think many people have found that online poker will never be quite the same to them. I have fun playing in private tournaments, but long donkathons -- no way!
    Memphis MOJO said...
    this weekend seeing Dave Matthews Band at SPAC

    Oooh, I'm jealous. Have fun.
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