Friday, October 28, 2005

For Chad

From Chad's blog:

A few questions to end this, and hopefully satiate my curiousity-

1. If you're participating in your first WPBT event, how are you feeling right about now? (looks like about 20 or so newbies, not sure any are reading this right now)

2. How did the rest of you feel before attending your first WPBT? How about after?

3. Be honest, how many of you even knew who I was before June? Ok, don't be honest. See if I care. "
My responses:

1. N/A - this will be my second WPBT vegas trip.

2. I was freaked out as all hell before the trip in June, as I'd never met any of these WPBT people, and was flying to Vegas ALONE. Kind of a scary place to go alone. It was a whirlwind weekend, and afterwards, I had the sense that I didn't have nearly as much time with people as I wanted to. I didn't meet or hang out with even half of the people I'd wanted to hang with, and was too damn shy for my own good. Hopefully, this time will be different!

3. I knew who you were, Chad - I'd been reading your blog, BUT I had absolutely NO idea that you were who you were while sitting next to you during the tournament at Aladdin. I didn't figure that out until after I got home. I didn't realize I'd met you (it's the whole name-to-face thing... we REALLY need to wear name tags or something).

Here's hoping I can be less of a chicken in December! :)

(I swear I'm working on the Vegas report.... it's coming....)

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  1. Irritable Male Syndrome said...
    I'm prone to not introducing myself, and I was so hungover during that tournament that I wasn't much for talking.

    Also, I might've been a little nervous due to it being my first live tournament, and I didn't really want to embarrass myself.


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