Saturday, October 01, 2005

I can't think of a title... sorry. Maybe I should call it "insomnia." Hmmm....

I got home from Trump a little while ago. I played from 4:30pm till around midnight. For the hassle, I left with about enough profit to buy a half tank of gas. Hardly worth it, except for the valuable lesson I learned (or re-learned, considering it's one of those lessons that I already knew yet conveniently donked-out and ignored):

Don't bet into the fish expecting them to fold. It does not matter if you are on the button and the entire table checked around. Your second pair of Jacks is not good. Somebody has the Ace that flopped. They are just wusses and check check check. Do not, under any circumstances, think that maybe - since this is a kill pot - the big turn bet of twelve bucks will push them out. It won't. And by all means, if you're foolish enough to keep betting on the river, you might as well join the ranks of the guppies and rainbow trout and carps, because you're no better than they are.

Ahhh well. So I thought maybe my KJ was good. Everyone checked, for goodness sake! Sheesh. Yeah, there was an Ace on the flop. Damn fish and calling stations. Grow some balls, will ya! Bet your stinkin' Ace! It was an Ace-ten even, so not even a horrible kicker.

Most of my profits of the day went bye-bye on that hand, due to my momentary lapse of donk. The rest leaked away when I stayed a couple orbits longer than I should have. But the table was SO fishy and SO juicy that if I could just hit one good hand...

No good hands came, and such is how my evening ended.

I ran into Maigrey, who was playing at the table with all of the green and black chips. Holy shiznit. Too rich for my blood! Puny little $3/6 hold'em player I am...

I've been playing strictly limit hold'em for a few months now, and the last 2 times I've been at Trump, a little birdie has been sitting on my shoulder telling me I should check out the $200 max buy-in no limit game. I go in streaks like this, between limit and NL. I don't know. What do you think? Hey, Maigrey - Baz - Mr. Reed - ever played that game? How is it? Just as fishy as 3/6? Holy crap - I just realized I don't have Mr. Reed linked up. D'oh! I'm sorry! I have ya in my bloglines but not in my linkage. I'll fix that as soon as I post this message.

One of the old guys I've played with a bunch of times asked me today when I'm going to graduate to $6/12. After my Vegas trip (in 3 weeks, woohoo!) My bankroll is my trip-roll right now, and hopefully I'll come home with at least some of it. Then I'll consider moving to $6/12. Maybe.

In other news... my fishy t-shirt from Geek arrived today. Yippee!! Love it. It cracks me the hell up. Thanks, Geek!

I suppose I should try to go to sleep. The stupid lady at Wendy's screwed up my order and gave me regular coke instead of diet (I stopped for a late night dinner on the way home) so now I'm all hopped up on sugar and caffeine. It's highly unlikely that sleep will occur any time soon. Bah.


  1. SirFWALGMan said...
    Sleep is overrated anyways. Good luck! I have rejoined the ranks of the limit players.. for now.. Doing ok on Titan despite a few bad days. I HAVE GOT TO PLAY LIVE THIS YEAR DAMMIT!
    Bazkar said...
    Shelly....I'm going through Trump withdrawel....two weeks of not being able to make it due to this or that coming up.....Plan on getting there this Friday night...late as usual.

    I've played the 6/12 limit game (10/20 the couple times it's gotten up and running when I've been there) and the 200 max NL game at Trump. The 200 max is a pretty wild and fishy game for the most part in my experience. It's a nice change of pace from the limit day I'll be on the big boys (girls) table with Maigrey who I still hope to meet one of these trips.

    Good Luck!

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