Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey Ladies

Hey Ladies -

Is anyone planning on playing in the LIPS satellites on Friday night at Gold Coast (July 7th)? (Ladies WSOP event is on Sunday). $100 satellite with one seat per 10 players, 200 players max.

I'm debating.... drunken storming of the castle, or a chance to play in the WSOP cheap.

I'm not a big fan of ladies-only events, though... and that's part of what makes me want to get drunk with bloggers instead :)


  1. King Of Clubs said...
    thats incrediby good odds to win a WSOP seat
    Felicia :) said...
    Come over to Orleans with me instead. I'll get you into a cheaper sat, and into an open event.
    Shelly said...
    I may take you up on that, Felicia! The more I think about it, the more I really want to play in the WSOP... even if it is the ladies' event :)
    Felicia :) said...
    Can't help you with that one, then :(

    Good luck, though!
    Wolverine Fan said...
    Go for it, Shelly. Heck of a chance.
    How about a last longer bet for the World Series of Poker?? Helmuth, Gordon, Ivey, Raymer, Moneymaker, Brunson, Etc. I am betting on Greg Raymer for the men and I was going to go for Jennifer Tilly for the women but will change to you if you get in.

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