Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Just when I get all famous around town, I head out to lovely Springfield, IL (*cough*ahem* sarcasm) for a week. I hear that in my absence, Empress Casino's poker room has ceased to exist! I knew they would miss me, but damn! :) Actually, there's nothing smiley about it, because it's rather inconvenient for me to get out to Indiana to play, with I-80 the construction-demolished mess that it is. Losing Empress will definitely put a cramp in my style.

Not this week, though - I'll be down here in the land of Lincoln, where the sidewalks roll up at 7pm every night and there is absolutely nothing to do but drink. I'll catch up with ya's by this time next week :)

I've got some free Party bonus money to clear, which I may or may not have comments on. I'll keep ya's posted. Until then... 15 days till I touchdown in Vegas!


  1. Andres Silva said...
    If you give any thought to playing the 5/10 at Hollywood in Aurora let me know. It's about 15 min from my place and about 45 min from where the Empress is to the Hollywood. Anyway, the 5/10 is just as soft there as it is at Empress.
    Shelly said...
    hey sloejack - i bet i can get to hollywood quicker than i can get to indiana (at least while i-80 is a mess). i'll have to check it out :) i'll keep ya posted!
    Bazkar said...
    I'm going to be checking out Hollywood as well.....I've heard the wait times there are just horrendous....I guess we shall see....we shall see.

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