Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm booked.

I'm flying Southwest out of Midway/Chicago (ewww but it was like $40 cheaper than any of the O'Hare options and I'm all for saving forty bucks).

July 6-11 (Thurs thru Tues)

I'm rooming with April at Excalibur.

Bring it on!!!!!!!!


  1. John G. Hartness said...
    YAY! We can all hang out as late-leavers on Monday and you also get to meet the wifey! See you then! Enough exclamation points? I think not!!!
    Shelly said...
    Excellent!!!!!!!! There are NEVER too many exclamation marks when a WPBT vegas trip is involved!!!
    ChicagoJason said...
    Which Thursday flight are you on? I'll be on the 5:35p. If we can't meet in Chicago, it'll have to be in Vegas!!
    Shelly said...
    hey chicago jason - YUP I'm on the 5:35pm flight out of Midway. w00t!

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