Friday, July 28, 2006

I played a bit tonight on Full Tilt (thanks in part to the handsome new picture of Gus Hansen on the main lobby screen.... yum!) I managed to win one of those 6 handed NLHE $6 sit n go's where you win a $26 token. I like having tokens. They are nifty.

Yesterday I got crushed in back to back $20 SnG's, so I stepped back tonight to mingle with the scoobys. It paid off, and I actually enjoyed the heads-up match quite a bit. I always intend to come here and give kudos to my opponent, and for the life of me I can never remember their names. Oh well. Nice match, guy who was playing around 11pm tonight!

Just wanted to let ya's know that I haven't turned into an ebay entrepreneur. Still playing a little poker - though I haven't made it to the local card room in what seems like ages, thanks to them closing down Empress. (Yes, I'm still whining about that). Frown. One of these days I'll make it to Indiana, but not likely soon.

Why? 'Cuz I'm selling my house and movin' on up! Buying a bigger place that's closer to friends and family. Good stuff. It sure is keeping me busy. In fact, I have another showing in less than 12 hours. I'd better go get some zzz's. Night all!


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