Saturday, July 29, 2006

Won a $10 SnG on Full Tilt tonight. My eyelids were drooping as I fired up FTP, so I'm not even entirely sure why I played... I was literally nodding off throughout the heads-up match! It was a good match though - swings back and forth, with some actual poker being played. Once again, I cannot recall my opponent's name.

I still have to get around to writing up my Vegas reports. Sorry guys and gals! I've been pretty busy getting my house on the market for sale since I got home from Sin City. Send me some good house mojo vibes if you have any to spare - it's been a crazy weekend and I hope to be signing some buying-and-selling papers on Monday! :)


  1. Human Head said...
    Here are some quick sale vibes for you! (sprinkle, sprinkle).

    (Wait, how gay is it that I just said "sprinkle, sprinkle"?)

    Real Estate can be such a pain in the ass. Here's hoping all goes fast and smooth for you :)
    Unknown said...
    It’s been about 6 years, so I’m sure your house has been sold by now. Did it take long for you to sell your house? It seems like preparing it for the market took a while. I hope that it was all worth in the end, and that your house was sold to a family that would take good care of it.

    ~ Ofelia Bertrand ~
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