Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yay, luggage!

Whew! I almost sabatoged the smooth beginning to my trip, but Southwest Airlines has impressed me with their ability to serve my dumb ass. I'll stop ripping on them, I promise!

In my mind, my flight was to leave at 6pm, and in a silly act of defiance, I decided - screw that "get to the airport 2 hours early" crap! (I'm usually quite religious about that rule). So, I'd planned to get there a little over an hour early... Except that in reality, my flight was departing at 5:35pm. D'oh! I drove as fast as I could through rush hour traffic, and arrive to the check-in counter at 5:05pm. They marked my bag as a "late check in" and told me that it may or may not make it on the flight.

Long story short... My bag was the first off the carosel! Wheeee!

I just called April H (my roomie for the weekend) and she too has safely arrived. I'm on the shuttle bus waiting yo head to Excalibur.

Let's get this party started!


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