Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm a SINK

I need some cash to materialize ASAP, or else my face will be (mostly un-noticeably) absent from Vegas next weekend.

Where, oh poker fairy, have you been?

I bought a new house 3 months ago - a bigger, better, nicer house! A lovely house! A spacious house!

It's kicking my ass.

Why can't I be a DINK ("dual income - no kids")? Being a SINK is fuckin' hard sometimes. At least I have nobody to clean up after. And Xmas shopping will be WAY cheaper this year, sans-boyfriend.

Pray for the poker fairy to visit and stick a grand under my pillow if you want to see me in Vegas... though I did just RSVP for the June event, and I WILL have money by then!


  1. TripJax said...
    I'm a SI2K...whatever that means. Good luck...I won't be in Vegas, but it is not just money. Our boys birthday and party are during that time, among other things.

    Good luck yo!
    Pauly said...
    My goal since I was 17 was to be a DINK!

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