Sunday, November 05, 2006

I know this has nothing to do with poker, BUT since many of my fellow poker bloggers are users of Googles (or

I read a few days ago that (finally), the blogger beta is fully cooked, and that account migration will be available "really really soon" for all blogger users. (See Blogger Buzz post). I'm also reading tons of reports of various bloggers across the webosphere switching over.

How the hell do you switch? I want to switch!!

I read somewhere that there should be a link in your Blogger dashboard, but I don't have one.

Have any of you switched, or seen a link that allows you to switch to the new blogger beta version? If so, how? Where? Help!


  1. slb159 said...
    Interesting...I'll give it a look-see and tell ya' if I get any useful results.

    Take care
    DuggleBogey said...
    1. If you have a link, you may switch. If there is no link, you cannot switch.

    2. Don't switch, it blows.
    Dave said...
    My dashboard has the link to switch to the beta but I didn't want to run the chance of messing up my template that I've spent a lot of time on. I'll wait until they force us all to switch and then deal with it. Beta isn't always something you want to jump on because then it's a "Bitch Every Time After".
    Anonymous said...
    Beta is nice for people who dont know much about computers -- like me. However, it probably doesn't do much for someone like yourself....there's some okay new templates, but thats for peeps like me who cant do their own (-;
    Shelly said...
    thanks, bucket! i still don't have the option to upgrade... i think they're just trying to build my curiosity till i explode :)
    Unknown said...
    You aren't the only one! They did not give me a link either.

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