Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I must apologize for skipping over all of the "live-blogging politics" posts from yesterday. Yes, I did my civic duty and voted yesterday (go blue!), but - live-blogged politics? I think I would rather stick pencils in my eye than READ about the minute by minute projections of each state. It's hard enough watching it, and at least then you get pretty colors on TV for stimulation.

Poker has been scarce around here lately. My new mortgage is kinda kicking my ass, so I withdrew more money from Full Tilt to pay some October bills. I plan to make it out to Vegas in December, though I have no idea how I'm going to pay for it. That's the joy of having the attitude I have. Me to Self: Ahhh, just go. You'll figure it out.

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  1. Jim said...
    Heh. Yeah, I think live blogging elections is only fun for the people doing it. Some of my friends and I did live chat thing, but when we looked at the transcript, it wasn't as hilarious as we thought it was at the time, so we didn't post it.

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