Friday, February 23, 2007

In my excitement to get back to playing poker at Empress, I forgot how whacked their poker room schedule is. They close at 6pm on Fridays (so much for today), and are closed on weekends.

Guess I'll have to wait until next week to play. :-/

Unless... I stop and buy that iPass I've been meaning to get, which would enable a much smoother ride to the Indiana casinos... and take me a road trip to Resorts tonight...

... can't.... resist.... temptation... must... play.... poker!


  1. jusdealem said...
    A poker room that is closed on the weekends??? That is just ridiculous.

    Good luck when you do get the chance! :)
    Shelly said...
    Yeah, Empress only has 3 poker tables anyway. It's more like a poker closet. Illinois has some really restrictive gaming laws that limit the number of gaming seats a casino can have, and since poker is not as lucrative to the casino as slot machines... well, you see where I'm going. All of the poker action around here is across the border in Indiana, where they don't have such restrictive gaming seat laws.

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