Friday, February 23, 2007

Waiting at Resorts East Chicago for my poker seat at 5/10 LHE. The ride here was incredibly smooth for a Friday rush hour, thanks to my shiny new iPass. I'm 7th on the list, and they've got 2 tables going. It doesn't sound like another table is opening for an hour or so, and likely I'll be waiting that whole hour. The list already has 20 names after me, so I think my timing was as good as it could have been, short of arriving at noon.

It's been a long time since I've been to a poker room. I'm trying to remember the last time. I definitely haven't been here since July, when I put my old house on the market for sale. That's been 7 months right there. I hope I remember how to do this!


1. Don't pay off people who likely hold the goods.
2. Raise my OESD's and flush draws.
3. Don't chase unless I've got the pot odds to do so.
4. Don't bother playing fancy against the scoobies. They're too ignorant to notice and they don't know how or when to lay down a hand.
5. Position position position.
6. Go after those orphan pots! I'm a good mommy to orphan chips, for sure.
7. Be nice. Stop glaring at people. You attract more scoobies with honey.
8. Smell like a girl. Yup, got that one covered. Mmmmm moonlight path.
9. Hide the Full Tilt Poker jacket. This is my first time here. Really.

The very nice security guard suggested I go sit down at one of the open tables instead of standing in the waiting area. I thanked him and took him up on the I can enjoy smoke free air while reading the CNN headlines.

I'm glad I remembered my iPod. It seems like it might be an iPod kind of night.

Is there nothing more important going on in this country than pop stars going wacko? And damn, does she look ugly as a bald chick. This might make me a horrible person, but there's something warm and fuzzy about one of the formerly Beautiful People turning ugly. Boohoo. Too much money, too much fame, too many opportunities to make your life and those of your children great. It must be rough.

A chatty and not handsome at all guy just sat down next to me. Oh lord. Here we go. Please call my name soon!


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