Saturday, February 24, 2007

With a new year comes a new poker spreadsheet.

For 2007, I decided to do a bit more analysis on my data. In my 2006 spreadsheet, I had the ability to view how much money I had won or lost on any given weekday as well as a $/hour rate for each weekday. For 2007, I further broke this up into locations. So, I can see how much money and $/hour I won at Resorts on Fridays, or at Empress on Wednesdays, for example.

I got to play around with the conditional sum wizard in Excel - something new for me. Aside from the apparent inability to just copy/paste a cell that was developed using that wizard, it worked quite well.

I hacked on my 2006 spreadsheet to make sure my formulas were working correctly, and in doing so I had some numbers to ponder.

My overall win rate at 5/10 limit holdem (brick-and-mortar, not online) in 2006 was $15/hour. At Empress, my win rate was $29/hour, and at Resorts, it was $-12/hour.


That would seem to say to me, stop playing at Resorts! I do love the atmosphere there, and the joy of using my iPod is a big selling point.

What if... What if... I went back to Majestic Star (formerly Trump)? I've been boycotting them ever since Trump sold to MJ. In fact, I don't think I played at MJ a single time in 2006. I hear they have $5/10 limit now, though I haven't confirmed. I was in the black at Trump, too, back in the day.

That sure would mean a lot more hacking on my spreadsheet.


  1. SirFWALGMan said...
    your -12 is not just:

    A. Statistical Anomoly (I fucking suck at spelling)
    B. No enough hands?
    C. Earlier in the year when maybe you were player badly or some such crap like that?

    Just wondering..
    Shelly said...
    I definitely don't have enough hands to make clear conclusions re: Resorts, but out of 8 or so sessions there in 2006, only one was profitable.

    I think I have a mental block about playing there.

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