Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, it's not a new game by any means, but I'm new to it. Tonight, I checked out the FTP tourney that Plainfield Poker hosts (local to my fellow Chicagoans). It was just about the high point of my poker day, as I avoided the bubble to take 3rd place, though sadly donking off a sizable chip stack hand-before-last when I pushed top pair shitty kicker into a flopped set all the way. I was low guy on the totem pole for most of the final table, though, so I was pleased with the finish. (I say "final table" as if it was a huge tourney... hey, 12 peeps ain't bad!)

Thanks to the guys from Plainfield Poker for hosting. I've been meaning to make it out to a live game. I will, soon - I swear! My work schedule lightens up this week and I should be able to make it out sometime this summer. I miss live poker dearly.

Other than the Plainfield game, Full Tilt Poker ran my ass over today. No joke. I flopped 2 pair 9 times today - NINE - only to get run down by either scoobies or bad luck. Board comes 4 of a suit I don't have. Scooby chases his gutshot and catches on the river. I pull 3 pair, negating my 2nd pair and leaving me with a shitty kicker. You know... but NINE times in one day? Oy. Three of those nine were in the small or big blind with J-7. How bizarre.

I even managed to go out 5th or worse in 3 different $30 SnG's. It was just a bad day.

On the bright side, I feel like I've been playing well lately. I've been playing more NL than usual. (You know me... I've been the grinder limit girl for a while now... *shudders at the recollection of the KK debacle* Who remembers that one? Scars, my friends... scars...).

I've got a vacation coming up in a couple weeks to North Carolina - Raleigh area. Are there any casinos out there? Srsly. Missing Vegas has me jonesing for live poker in ways that just aren't natural.

In the meantime, how about a nice LOLcat?

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