Sunday, June 03, 2007

If you haven't watched the WPT Mandalay Bay episode yet, or don't want to know what happens, stop reading now! Spoilers ahead!

You were warned :P

Alright, here's one for the girls - True or False: It would have been a MUCH better looking final table with Joe Tehan and Brad Booth.

I vote true.

I watched the tail end of the show today on my TiVo, and I'm confused about something. Early in the final table, the chip counts showed Burt as the chip leader. The proceeded to show several hands in a row where Joe was getting run over by Burt (presumably shipping MORE chips to Burt). After a couple commercial breaks, they showed Joe win ONE hand - and not a huge hand at that - and all of a sudden, he's the dominating chip leader.

Bad editing? The storyline they showed just doesn't fit the chip counts. I know it's TV, but... come on! At least form an accurate storyline for what really happened!

I was rooting for Joe :)

I've watched more of the WPT this season than last season. There's still some really whacked out plays going on at times. Vince and Mike play them off as "brilliant" or "gutsy," but half the time, if I were in the announcer's seat, I'd just call the plays "stupid" or "scoobified." It may take balls to call off your stack with Ace high after the river, but most of the time I think it's just dumb luck when that ends up being the right play. I know it has to be done for the sake of TV, but Vince and Mike give some of these players too much credit for "reading their opponents" or having a "feel" for the hand.

It's easy to criticize from my armchair :)

Hope everyone is well. I won't be making it out to Vegas this summer. It's the ol' money excuse again. The good news is, my head is still above water, albeit barely. There's always next time...


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