Thursday, August 02, 2007

Welp, it took a while (5 hours or so), but I doubled my buy-in tonight at Majestic. If ever there was a session that qualified for the label "grinding out a win," this was it.

No stories to tell really. If you were watching my Twitter stream, you caught about the only real tale of the night - that of my shaking hand syndrome. A few hours in, I was fold fold folding away, when suddenly I woke up with Aces in the big blind. It folded around to the button, who limped in. Small blind called, and wanting to make at least a little off of this hand, I checked. Flop came 8-high, rags, and the small blind bet out. Alrighty, enough of this. I went to count out my chips, and as I grabbed the stack and started to count it out, I caught the friggin shaking hand syndrome. Well fuck me. Trying to disguise my shaking hand, I stopped counting and threw out whatever was in my hand at the time, which was of course a pretty big overbet (I probably threw $30 out there into a pot of $15). Everyone folded, of course. Damn damn damn. Stupid shaking hand. I'm usually really good at preventing the shakes, but I guess when you see your first playable hand in an hour and it happens to be aces, some things are uncontrollable.

But damn damn damn anyway. Stupid hand.

I almost never worry about my hands shaking, since they rarely do anymore. What I worry about is when I'm sitting there with a big hand - I can feel my heart pound in my throat almost every time, and I always wonder... can everybody see my heart pounding in my neck? I feel like a cartoon with the arteries on the sides of my neck throbbing.

Watch, now all of my home game cohorts are going to be staring at my neck every time I'm in a pot. Time to start wearing turtle necks!

I probably won't make it out to the poker room again until next week. My Friday and Saturday nights are tied up. Thursday night is a maybe - but I think I'm going to take a break. Maybe Sunday... Next week is my last week off work. Boooo hiss.


  1. Jim said...
    It's great that you still doubled up despite possibly having lost the aces pot. It's a good sign that you can beat the game.

    Re: Losing three buy-ins: Yeah, NL is volatile, and if you're new to it, a bad night like that is devastating. I had a few losing sessions in a row a couple years ago, and it put me so much doubt into me that I decided that unless the next session was successful, I was going to take what was left of my bankroll and just "cash" it. As luck would have it, I ran well that next trip, but in retrospect, it would have been a bad idea for me to quit playing if it hadn't. I mean, I'm not killing that game, but I've definitely grown my bankroll with it.

    I'm going Saturday during the day. Hopefully, you've maxed out MS's set-over-set quota for the week!
    Shelly said...
    >>> Hopefully, you've maxed out MS's set-over-set quota for the week!

    LOL absolutely! That's what I was thinking last night :)

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