Thursday, April 10, 2008

Believe it or not, I must be on a poker kick! I've got another SnG running as we speak, while waiting for photos that I took today at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to upload to Flickr. We're down to 6 people and I've got 30BB in my stack. Aggro-boy just lost a big pot to fall beneath me in chips, w00t!

Aquarium was fun. Penguins, lizards, beluga whales, fishes... even some tropical birds for me to get all squealy about! The weather has sucked today, though, and we were soaked to the bone after walking from the aquarium to the train to head home. Brrr! We're expecting some crazy storms to roll through here tonight as the temps warm up, and then... SNOW this weekend. WTF? I hate Chicago weather. Srsly. With a passion.

Aww what the hell, 95s looks good. Haven't played a hand in a while. oooh, 2nd pair! But aggro-dork will surely bet the K. He did. Gut feeling. I call. Oooh, flush draw! Hmmm. Wow, he checked it to me and folded when I bet. How bizarre!

So, when a few people are in a pot, and it checks around on the flop, then a guy in the middle comes out firing on the turn with a pot-sized bet, what do you think that typically means?

I find it's generally Mr. Trickery Dickery Dock Newbie slowplaying, but he can't hold back his nut any longer and throws his whole wad. Or a pot-sized wad, anyway. I bet the guy with the froggy avatar is Mr. TDDN.

So I'll play 95s and then fold A9o. What can I say? I wasn't feelin' it.

Wow, I just noticed how on the tournament lobby screen, FTP shows color ratings next to player names if you've got them rated/noted. That's pretty sweet!

Wow, I really enjoy beating aggro-nerd out of pots.

Looks like Adobe is trying again with their Lightroom update after the last debacle. Lightroom 1.4.1 is out - we'll see if the walls come crashing down this time.

Nice, in the money! Someone knocked out aggro-donk! Those of us that remain all have about the same amount of chips. Here we go...

Something feels wrong about playing against someone whose handle is "[someone's] mom." Weird, no?

Someone's mom folds a lot.

Damn, AA min raise, no action. But how many times have you read me blog about slow-playing AA even versus 1 opponent and getting bitten in the ass? No sir, not today.

Someone's mom took the chip lead and now she's pushing all in every hand. HA and she just lost to the other guy. Well, I guess that sucks, cuz now he's no longer the short stack. Bah.

I'm the short stack.

Wow, the short stack just called my 6xBB all in for almost his entire stack with 10-8 suited. My A4s did not hold up. Wheee out in 3rd. Better than 4th!

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  1. Human Head said...
    I like the way you do these posts.

    Hope you keep winning and keep 'em comin'.

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