Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Twice in one week?

Yup, I fired up a $22+2 9-handed turbo NLHE sit n go.

Q2o? Fold.

I was inspired by the fact that it's 4pm and I'm not at work. I've changed out of the monkey suit and into cozy pajama pants and a hoodie. (Cozy? Isn't it supposed to be spring? Yeah, notsomuch if you're anywhere near Chicago).

I'm also inspired by the fact that I only have one more (long) work day to survive this week - tomorrow. I've taken a personal day Thursday, and with that day of freedom I'm going to the Brookfield Zoo to take pictures of animals. :)

It's a strange spring here. None of the trees seem to be budding yet. It's awful late to look around and see nothing but sticks. I'm so tired of the dead trees. It's supposed to snow here this weekend. WTF??!

Grrr I hate it when I slow play as a defensive move and end up paying off the SOB anyway. I can't think of too many situations where a defensive slow play actually saved me money.

No action on my flopped set of 4's. Booo.

Back to the defensive slow play. So, I've got top pair, week kicker. I check-call, not wanting to get too married to the hand. But as I check-call, the board becomes more and more coordinated until it becomes likely that my now-two-pair is not good. But top pair WAS good on the flop, and I probably could have pushed weasel-boy off of his 2nd pair, had I bet instead of checked.

It's more of me being a wuss than anything.

I love the K on the flop against 5 opponents when I'm holding QQ. It's not like preflop raises mean anything anyway.

In completely unrelated news, I would definitely NOT kick Jared Leto out of bed for eating crackers.

Nice. AA held up on the short stack. Doubled up. Tight game. Blah.

The rain has begun here. I'm hoping we get the thunderstorm they mentioned in today's weather forecast. I'm so geeked out for spring storms to kick in!

I'm on a Photoshop brush kick. Two of my favorite places to find brushes:
DeviantART's Photoshop brushes and MyPhotoshopBrushes.com

Still hanging in there. Only 2 people have gone out. Everyone is in push-or-fold mode. Ugh. Yawn.

Yowza - bet that guy is pissed. I called a short-stack's all in with 88 for 2/3 of my own short stack. He had A70. Flop came AA8. 'Nuff said. Buh-bye.

Alrighty - I just knocked out another guy with 32o when I flopped 2 pair. One more to the money.

My cats have suddenly become interested in sitting on my desk. Oy. Srsly. Why? Cats do not belong on desks.

I'm 2nd in chips out of 4 and only have 10BB. These are the most boring of all poker games on the planet. Did I already say yawn?

Push or fold, push or fold...

I'd say it's like watching grass grow, but NOTHING is growing around here!

WOW a-hole pushes with 73o. I call all in with AA, and the guy after me (who started with 200 more chips) called with AQs. Flop came 4-5-6. Way to bubble.

That was so entirely unfulfilling that I have no words.


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