Sunday, April 13, 2008

HA "All these guys coming off the ice for Washington are gonna be sucking dirty pond water" - that's what the announcer just said as the Capitals came off the ice after a long shift. WTF?! LMAO!!! I love hockey!

I'm camped out in the loft with the HDTV, watching the Philadelphia Flyers take on the Washington Capitals in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (NHL). The weather here is blah and my HD signal has been blah, but I see some sunshine out my window, and for now my signal is pretty good. Hockey in HD on a 57" widescreen is a wonderful thing. Soooo much more gorgeous than broadcast TV. Broadcast TV is at best, tolerable. HDTV? Gorgeous. Slick. Sharp. Beautiful. Maybe even to die for.

Oh, and I'm firing up a SnG on Full Tilt. I like the $22+2 full table turbo NLHE games. My Flyers are up 2-0 in the 2nd period. Let's see if we can make it 1-0, Shelly vs FTP Scoobies.

Pot #1, in the bank. w00t!

So I was messing around last night trying to figure out how to transfer files via Bluetooth from my Blackberry Pearl 8130 to my iMac. I got them to pair, but apparently this Blackberry doesn't have the right services to do file transfer. People have found a way to send files from the iMac to the BB, but not the other way around. I wanted to be able to send pictures from my phone to my computer. Currently, I just email the pictures to myself to transfer them. Oh well. It did give me the option to run the iMac over the BB's data connection. I didn't try it, as I have Sprint Mobile Broadband... but I find myself wishing I hadn't signed that 2 year contract, as I could have probably used my Blackberry instead. Damn impulse buys.

I have a feeling I'm at a table of either a) n00bs or b) morons. Weak weak weak, checking like crazy, but then 4 people call a 10xBB preflop raise. Wha?

How many of you have been to the horse races? I just went for the first time a couple months ago. It was pretty cool. I found myself wishing we could go outside (it was winter time). I'd like to go back in nice weather. I was betting based on the horses' names, hehehe :)

Level 2. 1 guy out.

Damn, had to go back to the broadcast feed. I don't often have trouble with my DirecTV, but these clouds appear to be doing me in. My HD feed is very sensitive to weather. Maybe it's the fact that it's SNOWING today. I will refrain from bitching, but come on, Mother Nature!!!

AK hearts, flopped 2 hearts. c'mon baby! Didn't need help. Betting was plenty. *stuffs chips in my virtual pocket*

Briere almost made this a 3 goal game. Holy moly, I love my Flyers! It's fun to watch Ovechkin... LOSE!!!! hahaha!

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, because that's where the fruit is." - Doyle Brunson. Yeah, Doyle! I like all his quotes. They amuse me.

Nooooo Umberger better not be hurt!!!! Ummmmmmmmmmmmberger!

Ever wonder where some people get their handles/avatar names? I mean, mine is obvious. The one I saw the other day - "[someone's] mom" - that's obvious. But some, I actually fire up Google to see if they are real words. Nope, the one I just googled isn't a word. So is it an attempt at spelling a curse word semi-phonetically? If so, well - either ewww, or that still doesn't make much sense. Feces Wood? Really?

Flyers are heading into the 2nd intermission with a 2-0 lead. This is similar to Game 1, where the Flyers came out with a 2 goal lead in the 3rd period and broke my heart. Hard to get that out of my head... but today is a new day, and the Flyers have been hoppin' all day. Biron has looked great. NO FEAR!

I just let Feces Wood steal my big blind.

Awwww! Michelin marshmellow puppy!! Great commercial :)

88, no callers. Reminds me of Eric Lindros. *cringe*

They're interviewing Donald Brashear. He was a Flyer for a while and I really liked having him. He looks better in Orange. Good guy, good goon. But I'll hate him just like every other man in red on the ice today. I bleed orange!

Srsly, does everybody have to wait 14 seconds before they act? Longest. Game. Ever. 3 guys out so far.

Damn, out in 5th. My Broadway lost to a J high flush. Ugh.

I suppose it's a good thing. I need my undivided attention available to cheer the Flyers on in the 3rd period.


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