Saturday, August 13, 2005

In a nutshell

FTP in a nutshell for me this week:

Up $50.
Down $50
Up $50
Down $50
Up $50

I guess I'm about even after all that. Still playing the $1/2 limit hold'em tables. Still wishing I was at Trump instead. :)

Our new poker table arrived. It is sweet. Randy and I tested it out yesterday by having a little heads-up match to determine who would pay for lunch. It was looking pretty grim for me, and down to the felt I won a couple big all in's and got back in it. Randy bought lunch :) The table is quite sturdy, and I don't think the crease in the center where it folds will cause any problems. It's so nice to have padded rails and cup holders. It's not the nicest table in the world (padding could be thicker, cup holders could be deeper, and the felt seems a bit cheap), but for$248 including shipping, it's awesome. We'll see how it holds up in multiplayer tournament action, but my first impression is really good.

I decided to filter out my Full Tilt stats and see how they compare to my cumulative long-term stats in Poker Tracker. I've got 2,333 hands recorded so far on FTP since they started offering hand histories (and PT started supporting them). Here ya have it:

VP$IP: 20.27%
WtSD: 32.20%
PFR: 3.90% (yikes! I suck)
W$SD: 47.37%
Post flop aggression: 1.24

Well... still Tight Neutral according to the Poker Tracker Guide's auto-rating rules. Just a teeny bit more aggression and I get get my green moneybag "Good Player" label back! Victory will be mine.


  1. Weeds19 said...
    I have a green money bad icon, however I'm not a good player :).
    Where'd you get your table from? Keep postin on how it holds up.
    Irritable Male Syndrome said...
    Replace the cheap 'felt' with a couple of patches of velveteen. Believe me, the cards will slide that much easier.
    Shelly said...
    Hey Weeds - the auto rate rules I use are from the Poker Tracker Guide (see left for a link) - but there are rules all over the place. Do a search on the Poker Tracker forums and you'll find different sets of rules for different play levels.

    Chad - Thanks for the tip!

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