Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh hell yeah!

Forsberg is a Flyer

Peter Forsberg is a Flyer. Philly drafted him today for a 2 year contract. Fuckin' right they did!

HELLS yeah, baby!

Flyers are winning the Cup this year - I called it weeks ago, and now I am CERTAIN!

Hell yeah, happy dance, hell yeah, happy dance...


  1. Bazkar said...
    Great 100 things list.....

    I use 300BB as my guide for moving up limits in online limit and just because I hit the 300BB mark I don't automatically move up. I am fairly conservative and feel the need to have a cushion so I don't have to move back down quickly if I hit a bad run early.

    I might be making a run to Trump friday night.....not for sure yet. Might be my last chance for awhile. Will try and let you know ahead of time if I know ahead of time.

    Let me know if you might be interested.
    April said...
    Forsberg will probably get an injury during pre-season, sit out the whole year only to return in the playoffs and lead your team to victory. Oh wait, he already did that for Colorado. Forsberg = highly overrated and needs to retire.

    (can you tell I'm just a little jealous...of course my team doesn't need to waste money on big names to win.)

    Let the season begin!!!!!!!
    Unknown said...
    Hmmmm... I remember hearing similar boasts when different superstar signed some years ago.

    Bring back Hextall and you've got yourself a team
    StB said...
    The Forsberg signing is pretty good as long as he stays healthy.

    As for winning the cup, that is too tough to call since they haven't play in over a year.

    Don't they need a goalie still?
    Bill said...
    Uh, yeah. The flyers.

    Viva Le Blue!

    Even w/o Prongs we are much more cup worthy.
    Joe Speaker said...
    Let the spleen jokes commence!
    Shelly said...
    Goalie - Flyers are sticking with Esche, and I'm alright with that. His numbers in the playoffs the last time playoffs existed gave me a win in the fantasy hockey playoff league I was in :) I like Esche. And they've got some young talent from the Calder Cup winning Phantoms to back him up, so I don't think they'll be goalie shopping.

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