Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Working on it

Well... played poker for about an hour tonight, after going on a marathon grocery shopping spree. I like shopping late at night - the store is always empty. Sometimes you run into the problem of things being out of stock, but that's usually only on weekends. The midnight grocery run... good stuff.

I got about 180 hands in for my hour's worth of time, playing 2 tables on Full Tilt at $1/2 limit hold'em. Ended up down $20 - not coincidentally, I lost $18 on a hand where I ran into set-over-set. I'd flopped my set of 2's in a monster pot, and was beat by a turned set of 9's. Of course I raised it all the way (sets are gold, you know), but knew by the river that I was likely beat. I was. Oh well.

Other than that hand being a disappointment, my two goals for my last few sessions have been:

1. Ramp up the aggression, particularly preflop. If I know I'm going to call a bet anyway, lead out and do the betting (unless I fear a raise behind me and have VERY good reason to check-call... otherwise, quit with that crap).

2. Stop falling in love with top pair. I've been paying off the fishes with their goofy ass two pair and raggedy nonsense straights a bit too often lately. Stop doing it. When the fish come out of check-call mode and start betting and raising, be wary. The maniacs - they're another story. Ya just gotta grit your teeth and press on and hope they're bluffing their bottom pair. (It amazes me how often I see that). But stop falling in love with a hand that amounts to junk when faced with aggression from a passive player. Just dump it.

So... with that in mind, here are my numbers for tonight's brief session:

VPIP: 23.89%
PFR: 6.67%
WtSD: 37.07%
W$@SD: 45%
Post-flop aggression: 1.50

Compared to my baseline Full Tilt numbers from last week, I've accomplished my statistical goals for today, though could still be doing a bit better. (I'm comparing to 3.8% PFR and Post-flop agg: 1.04). I envy those with preflop raise statistics of 10%-ish, though I wonder if my playstyle is too tight to accomodate that sort of stat without raising every single hand I play. Well - I guess not, but I'd be raising a good half of them.

The main change I've made is that if I plan to play a hand, and it is folded to me in middle or late position (or maybe 1 loose limper if I'm in late position), I raise it. I won't go out of my way to raise a hand I wouldn't normally play, though. That seems unwise to me. Maybe in a tournament where blind stealing is more useful, but in a limit game, it's pretty rare that the blinds fold to one more bet - at least at the low limits I slum around in.

Anyway... that's my night in a nutshell. I'm going to miss the fishy afternoon players on Full Tilt now that I'm back to work for the semester. That's OK though. The fish come out at night too.


  1. the new said...
    if I'm first to enter the pot, I'm raising. Doesn't matter what I'm holding -- KQ, low suited connectors, whatever. If I'm reraised, I can put my opponent on a good range of hands. If the flop hits me hard, they're done for. I play extremely tight from early position, so that will pay off because people see me raising a lot, and sometimes they'll reraise with something like a mid pp even though I raised from early position with rockets or cowboys.

    My favorite is raising from mid-late position with something like 10-3 offsuit and making two pair on the flop. They never expect that.
    the new said...
    btw, I rarely play a junk hand like 10-3 except on a blind steal, or if I'm defending my blind. usually I'm raising with suited connectors from mid-late unless I happen to have a legit big hand, and that pays off well because people think you're just playing suited connectors again.
    Bazkar said...
    Hope you can make it out to Trump Saturday...try and e-mail me if it looks like you can make it..if not...enjoy the time spent with Momma.
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