Friday, September 09, 2005


Usually I don't have to work on Fridays, but today I had to go in for a little bit to take some pictures of a portable nitrous tank for the dental clinic, and show one of the faculty how to put the pics into PowerPoint. It's an exciting life I lead, I know - but I sure was glad to see that the happy gas is still in use! I have great memories of that stuff as a kid. (I haven't been to the dentist in a LONG time, and I really should go... I have an orthodontic retainer on my bottom teeth that was supposed to come out a decade ago, and I still have my wisdom teeth...) Maybe they would give me the happy gas. Incentive!

Anyway... since work is half way to Trump, I decided to play cards this afternoon. There wasn't a whole lot going on there - but of course, at 2pm, most normal people are still at work.

I won a few pots early on, with good hands. I think I walked into a bit of a passive table, because when I raised up those first few hands preflop, I got some strange looks. That's OK. I'm not afraid to raise anymore :) LOL bring it on!

One of my first hands was pocket Jacks. I raised preflop from the big blind and got a few callers. The flop came all undercards, but 3 clubs. Gulp. I had no clubs. I bet! Call - call. Turn came another club. Mother $#*&#*##@@!. Well, what the hell. I bet. Mr. Aggresso regular guy disgustedly folds, and the tight guy to my right sighs and says, "I'm sure yours is bigger than mine..." W00t!! I muck and nodded... HA. Yeah. I've got a big one. BIG BALLS, THAT IS! Giggle!

Believe it or not, that same scenario happened TWICE more - where I had a good hand on the flop (TPTK once, and 2 pair once), and acted the role of the aggressor on the flop and when the turn came a 4th of a suit and I had no cards of that suit in my hand. Three times today, people layed hands down to me. Come to think of it, those 3 hands probably made up most of today's profits. Sometimes it pays to have the nuts - and not the proverbial poker kind.

I hit a straight flush today - unfortunately it was heads up and I got no action. It was pretty though, a low straight with the diamonds. They're a girl's best friend, you know. Sapphires look good next to them, but there's no suit of sapphires. Damn it.

We had a hand today that was SO close to a bad beat jackpot hand. It was ONE card off; one guy had a straight flush, and the other was drawing to a higher straight flush and missed by one card. The jackpot is only at $10k right now, but that would still be a good day! The way they do it at Trump, the loser of the hand gets half of the jackpot. The winner gets 25% and the rest of the table splits the remaining quarter of the jackpot. You need a minimum of Aces full of Tens, and both of your cards must play.

The bad beat was not to be, alas. It seems like all of the regulars there have tales of winning a jackpot at one time or another. I'd sure like to join that club!

Nothing else spectacular today... I played for 4 hours and left with $50 profit - about 2 big bets an hour. That's reasonable - we're only supposed to realistically expect 1 BB/hr, right? I'll take it - offsets yesterday's cold cards a bit.

I hope to get out to Trump once more this weekend. Baz is probably there right this minute! Good luck, Baz :)

Oh - I added Randy's contact info to the left column up there. IM or email him and harrass him to post more! hahaha. Love you, baby!

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    Cool. Sounds like you had some fun!

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