Sunday, September 25, 2005

I don't think I've ever pimped a new blogger before... if he's been pimped elsewhere, then this is multi-pimpage.

I was first attracted by the blogger's handle: "TrumpJosh." (I wonder why that might pique my interest?) Then, the catchy title got me: The Armchair Fisherman.

Check it out:


I myself have had 2 losing Trump sessions since last I posted - more dead cards and monsters getting cracked off by fishy junk. It's ok though - the tides will turn. I just have to keep playing my game and having faith in the lifelong poker session... My next trip to Trump will probably be Monday or Tuesday night after work. Here's to breaking the dead card slump!

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  1. trumpjosh said...
    Muchas gracias for da pimpage!

    Btw, "Trump" in my case is an abreviation for "trumpet", my instrument of choice (taking a break from practicing right now, actually). I've had this nick since my early internet days before I'd even heard of hold'em. Now it has a double meaning, which is fairly amusing to me.

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