Monday, September 19, 2005


I left Trump void of all cash for the first time.... stuck for $140 with no chance of a comeback. I'm glad I was in a very "it's all one big session..." mood.

Aside from my big blinds, I played 5 hands:

  • 77 held up on a board of K-K-2-3-6
  • AK hit a King on the flop, and got crushed by a river flush.
  • QQ had to bail out on the turn after my bet got raised on re-raised when an Ace hit the turn
  • AJ hit an Ace on the flop and again got river crushed by a flush.
  • 66 missed the flop and got folded under heavy betting action.
That was it. 3 1/2 hours, 5 hands.

I won one hand the entire afternoon. Literally. The cards weren't just cold - they were frostbitten.

But, it was a friendly table, and today's losses were still paid for with fishes' money, so I'm okay with it. It's all one long session...



  1. Easycure said...
    Maybe you need to loosen it up just a little!

    Playing am 87 sooted on the button once in a while wouldn't kill ya.
    TripJax said...
    "It's all one big session" makes me feel good for about 5 minutes. Then I'm ready to go crush the tables again the next night. As you already know, stick it out. It's all good.
    Shelly said...
    Would ya believe I didn't even have any suited connectors? I didn't even see any like K9s or suited Aces or even 8-or-higher nonsuited Aces! It was bad. I use the starting hand guide from Small Stakes Hold'em, which is pretty loose compared to my usual NL starting hands... but again, low limit with the fishes is an entirely different game. Not quite poker, really, but some odd hybrid...
    Unknown said...
    I'll play a hand blind if I haven't played in a couple orbits.

    Just base your bets on how people react to your raises and the cards coming out.

    Not to mention its a great image enhancer.

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